Special Occasions

  • Birthdays, Holidays, Anniversaries, whatever the special occasion, come celebrate with us!
  • Annapolis’s premier tour boat specializes in events of all types including birthday shindigs and holiday soirees such as Labor Day or Fourth of July. Gather up your fancies to set off onboard our tour boat for celebratory fun on the water!
  • Join Tour boat Annapolis to celebrate another trip around the sun! We welcome groups of all ages 12+!

Corporate Events & Team Building

Embark on a unique corporate event or team-building experience with Tour Boat Annapolis, operated by Marine Entertainment, LLC. Our 30-foot boat offers a 90-minute journey through the picturesque Annapolis Harbor, including the famed “Ego Alley” and Spa Creek. This exclusive tour provides an ideal setting for corporate gatherings, fostering team spirit and camaraderie. Enhance your experience by bringing your own snacks and beverages, with ice, waters, and coolers readily provided. While alcohol sales are not available onboard, the serene backdrop of the Naval Academy and the tranquil waters offer a perfect environment for networking, celebrating milestones, or simply unwinding with colleagues.

Sunset Cruise

If the weather is right, you can capture a phenomenal sunset in the Annapolis Harbor and what better way to capture the moment than aboard with us? Sunset cruises are our most popular outing, and it’s not hard to see why. Sunset cruises are all about positive energy—laughter, smiles, relaxation, and entertainment. It’s virtually impossible to experience a sunset cruise and leave feeling anything less than completely satisfied. You might feel a little sad, but it’s only when the cruise is over!

Adventure Cruise

Discover a new path to travel, get out of your routine comfort zone, look no further than our top-of-the-line city sightseeing tour! Explore the Annapolis Harbor, create unforgettable memories with your loved ones and enjoy the fantastic views with a new eye!


Family Fun

Bring the family (12 and over) for an outing on the Annapolis Harbor. Annapolis’s top-of-the-line city sightseeing boat is ready to entertain the family while capturing the expansive views of the city. Join us for a day of family, fun and bonding aboard TBA.


Date Night Cruise

A night cruise can be one of the most relaxing and enjoyable pleasures of boating. The sun isn’t scorching or making you squint and an offshore breeze replaces the heat and humidity of midday. Get your date night started with us. Turn up the fun and music! TBA date night cruise offers the best combination of views, music, and company to enjoy along with your beverages. With our public boat tours, come live it up with us!


TOUR Boat Annapolis is located at The Marina at Nautilus Point, minutes from downtown Annapolis

Our boat is at Dock E. Our Dock is directly to the right of 710 Americana Drive. And you can always find us by looking for our signs along the way. The parking lot has ample space and is free for our guests. We can’t wait to celebrate with you aboard! Thank you again for choosing Tour Boat Annapolis.

The Marina at Nautilus Point
710 Americana Drive, Dock E 
Annapolis, MD 21403

38°57’54.645” N 76°28’51.769” 

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